ARLA Service Co Security Guards In Jakarta

ARLA is the trusted security guard provider for many security sensitive embassies in Jakarta Indonesia. ARLA Service also operate Security Guard Service for multinational and local corporations within Banking, Oil/Gas, Commercial Properties as luxury apartments and business centers.

ARLA Service:
• Central Monitoring Station with English Speak – ing operators – 24 hrs/day.
• Response Teams – Rivong patrols.
• Stand-By Guards, Sick Relievers.
• Background check of guards (aka Vetting).
• Attractive Benefits for guards : Medical, Insurances, correct OT and more.

ARLA Security Operation:
Stand-by security guards. As it happens in every workplace, every where, sometimes a worker can not come to work. Only, a guard’s work can not be postponed until the next day. Standard Operating Procedures. Security work, we believe, is seldom about improvisation. It is about procedures, SOP’s. Most is common sense. A crucial procedure is supervisory visits to each site on a random basis, often repeated each shift.

ARLA Service Co Security Guards In Jakarta Indonesia.
Lina Building, Suite 301
Jl HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan Jakarta Kode Pos 12910
Telepon: (021) 526-8466
Fax: (021) 526-8465
Visit us at :


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