Bellezza Wedding Organizer

Bellezza Organizer Jakarta
Wedding Organizer and Event Organizer Jakarta Barat.

Ther are myriad of things to organize and arrange for a wedding day, the selection of vendors and services, planning the time and date and so on. Bellezza Organizer Offer you service to plan and organize you wedding. Once you sign in, Bellezza Organizer will make sure that not a single detail will be left that the most important day of your life goes like a clock work.

Aside from that, Bellezza Organizer never content with only seeing the wedding through at the end of the day. Understanding how the bride and groom to be wants something special for their wedding day, we want to help them create a wedding to be remembered and cherished.

Bellezza Organizer:
Alamat: Apartemen Taman Anggrek Tower 7-18C Jakarta Barat 11470 Indonesia.
Nomor Telepon: 021 5639820 Fax 56953042.
Email: info[at]


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