Elsiscom Prima Karya TOA Sound Communication and Security System

PT Elsiscom Prima Karya runs businesses in sound communication and security system, based on TOA products.

The main distributor for TOA products in Indonesia, directly by TOA Corporation Japan. TOA products range from amplifiers and speakers used in foreground and background music systems, to mixers, wireless microphone systems and digital processors used in sound reinforcement, to integrated intercom systems for security and communications. It is a leader in the application of digital technology to professional audio equipment, including mixing systems for theatrical production, broadcast and post-production.

SMART Communications for Call Cost Control and Monitoring. 15 Parties Conference System and Easy Operation & Maintenance. VoIP for IpLDK only, Walking Password / Account Code and Caller ID for CO Lines & Analog Extensions. Voice Mall, Support PC Applications, Disa / Automatic Attendent and Capacity 8 Extention up to 600 Ext.

GH Series & AX Series Communication System, Video & Audio Entry Security, The Power to Indentify and Multi-Unit Entry Security System. GH Series Reliable Security Variety of System Configurations Easy Installation & Setup and Integrated Audio-Video Security. AX Series, The AX Series offers Integration into existing security system including CCTV, Electronic Access Control and Telephone Line transfer.

PT Elsiscom Prima Karya.
TOA Sound Communication and Security System in Jakarta Indonesia.
Alamat: Galva Building, Hayam Wuruk 27, Jakarta Kode Pos 10120
Telepon: (021) 3456650, 3501243 Fax: (021) 3457154.
Website: www.elsiscom.co.id
Email: toa_support[at]galva.co.id


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