Magi Glass, PT Multi Arthamas Glass Industry

Magi Glass Jakarta by PT Multi Arthamas Glass Industry. Tempered, curved & laminated glass manufacturer
Glass specialist. We produce wide range of processed glass to meet your needs. Magitemp tempered glass for Furniture, automotive, entrance door, shower sreen, building exterior & interior, architectural glass. Magibend curve annealed glass for Building exterior & interior. Magisafe laminated safety glass for Canopy, showcase, curtain wall, roofs, crime prevention & bulletproof glass. Magiprint printed glass for Building interior & exterior, partitions furniture glass, bus windshield.

PT Multi Arthamas Glass Industry, Jakarta.
Alamat: Kompleks rukan citra graha tahap iii no. 3a
Jl. Panjang (arteri kedoya) no. 26, Jakarta barat 11560
Phone : (021) 58357191 (hunting)
Fax. : (021) 58357195
Website :

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