Rejo Megah Water Park Specialist Design & Build

PT Rejo Megah Makmur Engineering is Your One Stop Solution for Design and Build Waterpark Projects.

Rejo Megah Makmur is a Spesialist Design and Build Waterpark. Established in 1960, we have grown and diversified from a steel trader, general engineer and contractor to water park specialist, serving the client the A to Z of Waterpark Project. A partner in excellent. Giving service like Master planning and Architecture, Consultation, Construction / project Management, Facility Management for Wave Pool, Water Slide, Aqua Play and Lazy River. Products Water slide, Aqua play, Aqua spray, Wave machine, Amusement rider, Prime play, Water filter, Disinfection by electrochlorination, Filteration, Plumbing, Electrical System.

Thorough the decades we have maintened our spirit of excellence in being a solution provider to our clients. Striving to always bring out the best of clients’ projects and investment. we buid more Fun, more Excisting, more Adventure Your Waterpark. We hope to open ourselves to you, our valued clients, and pass on the passion and enthusiasm in creating masterpiece construction projects.

Water Park Specialist Design & Build Jakarta Indonesia.
PT Rejo Megah Makmur Engineering.
Alamat: Setiabudi Atrium Building 2nd floor, suite 201 AA, Jakarta, Indonesia 12920
Telepon: (021) 5290713536 Fax: (021) 7918 2873
Website :


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